PUBG All Day Everyday!

This game has killed off all other games I was previously playing.

I was playing massive amounts of Rainbow Six: Siege and Halo 5 until I finally picked up PUBG around March, and stopped resisting the hype around the game(I do that). Even more recently I’ve joined the PC Master Race above console gaming and I must say the difference is noticeable. Thank goodness for dedicated graphics cards designed to load you in to a game of PUBG with no problem at all. Loading in on an Xbox One S is less than favorable, the buildings wont be visible at all, then they turn into blobs, and finally they turn into buildings. With the PC, the only issue was getting used to the mouse and keyboard, but fastforward to July I am much better at handling these input peripherals. You start off with absolutely nothing so you are in a grab first situation. My older brother plays also and he actually took the time to map out all the buttons for gamepad use. I kind of die a lot, but already have a few Chicken Dinners under my belt. A Chicken Dinner means you are the last man standing, and boy, is it ever satisfying.

Buy PUBG on PC here:

For the Xbox One version click here!

Here are a few screenshots and videos(lol) of my gameplay:

In a small tower combing through the map.


Molotov ride.


Revenge kill on the guy that wiped my team. Pardon the bit of French you might here.

Three kills all alone, middle eastern teammates were zero help lol.

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