Safe Sex in 2018

Whats up Culture Supply faithful, Skillz back with another entry on the blog just for you. I teamed up with ONE brand condoms to promote better public health so I will be giving you my take on safe sex. We all know health is wealth, and should not be taking our health for granted. The only problem is, a lot of us are taking our health for granted with unprotected sex. The worst thing is getting infected unknowingly or infecting someone who is none the wiser. So often people hook up and for many reasons do not protect themselves because they assume the person seems clean. That is a risk even I have taken in my younger years, but I wont even attempt raw sex these days. In 2018, men and women have so many miles on them that you really should not trust a single soul. People joke about condoms amongst themselves, and on social media through posts and memes. It quickly becomes “unfunny”, for lack of a better word, when someone you know or you yourself gets infected, and has to take medication for the rest of their lives. I get it in, any body who knows me knows that. At 30 years old I have dodged bullets for sure being as sexually active as I am, but these days I know better then to risk myself my life and good health. This is not to scare you away from sex. Me and the good folks at ONE condoms believe in promoting sexual health by encouraging open conversation about sex and sexuality. We offer an assortment of condoms from 3, 12, 24, 40, and 50 packs. We offer color condoms, flavored, glow in the dark, flared, textured, ultra thin, XL, and other special shaped condoms. Lubricant is also offered along with apparel from ONE.  There is even a design contest on their page for a chance to get your artwork on a supply of their condom wrappers. Click on the banner below to learn more! Thanks for reading everybody, and stay healthy!

ONE Condoms - Evergreen Brand 728x90


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