Looking Forward: Knicks 2019-2020

What’s up Culture Supply faithful, Skillz back with another one about none other than my New York Knicks. As you may know the Knicks got their guy RJ Barrett on draft night with the number three overall pick. In my opinion I think RJ will be just fine, but my only concern as a Knicks fan is team play. Will the Knicks bomb again next season, can we avoid major injuries, can we put together back to back wins? With all of those questions looming over my head, and others’ heads, I still say that the Knicks will be much better than what we’ve witnessed in recent history. With a young core in Mitchell Robinson, Kevin Knox, Alonzo Trier, and RJ Barrett we make a strong claim at being a super competitive team that runs the floor on both sides, moves the ball efficiently, and defends at a high level.

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