CultureSupplyBlog is heading to Florida Supercon!!

What’s up CSB family, Skillz here. We are on our way to Supercon to live-out my childhood and all my fandoms. Stay tuned for pics as this post will be updated throughout the day.

First person that stuck out to me was Sir Jonathan Frakes, Star Trek: TNG legend. I had at least two questions for the guy until he reached his fist to give me a pound I had forgotten what to say so I just said “thank you(god just end it now)”.

Next I thought it would be cool to go say hello to Mr. Benedict Wong, only problem was he was not at his booth both times I passed by.

Got to see George Takei, and talk about a cool dude! Did not get in line for a question but I would have asked “in all your years in and around Star Trek, what is the weirdest piece of merchandise you have ever seen?”

Here is a little clip of the exhibit floor:

All in all I had a great time at my first convention since 1994. Didn’t get to meet some people I would have liked to, like Jason David Frank (Green Ranger OG), but was still a great experience, and for sure will be back next year and am contemplating Orlando MegaCon.

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