Doctor Who Series 13 Spyfall 1&2


Fancy a trip in the box? As a big Doctor Who fan(Whovian) it’s only right to show the new season some love here on the site. In episode one we see the gang split up after being commissioned for a mission by MI6, sending Ryan and Yaz to the US, while the Doctor and Graham travel to Australia’s outback. In the US, Ryan and Yaz investigate search engine CEO Daniel Barton who is connected to the deaths of international intelligence agents. The Doctor brings Graham along to meet with an old contact, Agent O, who set up shop in the outback.


I’ll take a pair of laser shoes in a ten and a half please. Two historical figures aide the Doctors fight with the Master, 19th century computer programmer Ada Lovelace and 20th century British spy Noor Inayat Khan. The Doctor is sent back in time to the 19th and 20th centuries, where she confronts the Master. Ryan, Yaz, and Graham land in Essex where the discover they are being tracked by Barton.

Watch Spyfall 1 and 2

Ready for Episode 3? Join the conversation live before it airs this Sunday, January 12. or click HERE

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