A Peek Into My Investment Portfolio: NIO

At this point I know what you all are thinking, this guy is obsessed with EV stocks. I get the whole beating a dead horse analogy, but this isn’t a dead horse, the EV market is alive and well. In the event it does go down multiple points, it goes down slowly to stop the bleeding early if you want to pull out, bringing me to my next point. If you are already a shareholder and bought in cheap my verdict is to hold, because I believe NIO’s stock will rise slightly in the near future, and will rise greatly in the near to distant future. This past Tuesday I bought some option calls in NIO and was ecstatic seeing my call go into the money two times over. That day the retail market opened up at $20.06, and somehow I caught a dip at $18.98 it was beautiful. The next day(Wednesday) the retail market opened at a whopping $22.32, then peaked at $22.56, but declined from there very slowly to close at $21.21. It’s a lot, know. Thursday was a very quiet day as the market saw NIO open at $21.48 and steadily remain in that area until market closed at $21.76. As for Friday let’s just say, shit got lit!First, investors awoke to the news of President Trump testing positive for Coronavirus sending the stock market in to a downward spiral. Thankfully, nothing really happened to NIO they stayed within $21 throughout the day closing at $21.20 per share. With all that said I leave you for now.

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