Culture Supply is BACK!

Hello faithful! If you are reading this that means you have stuck with me through a massive hiatus, and for that I say thank you. Being that my last blog post was in June of 2018, the passed 3 years has been me living as a cog in the gears of society. Collect my paycheck from work, then pay bills with it. Just like anyone I have my hobbies such as playing basketball, video games, and keeping up with movies and tv shows and fashion of interest. The one thing I found myself not doing a lot of was being more creative, and slacking on my writing. At the core of Culture Supply I’ve always meant for it to be a platform to express what’s on my mind creatively from me, but recently I’ve decided to retain that core value while being more inclusive. I am looking to not only just make a comeback to what the site was, but to now turn Culture Supply into a media machine including blogs, podcasts, videos, original productions and more. Culture Supply in its bones is a urban lifestyle culture brand, that exists to supply urban culture in every way I know how. Stay tuned, Culture Supply Faithful!!